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Mercy Park L.Ac.

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Starting with my great-grandfather and continuing for the last three generations, my family has practiced over 150 years of Traditional Korean Medicine.  In order to continue this family legacy, I have completed accreditations from organizations in the USA, China, and Korea.  As a California Board Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist, I opened Life Giving Acupuncture & Herbs in Lake Forest within the Foothill Medical Center.

Our mission at Life Giving Acupuncture & Herbs is to provide our patients with an integrated and holistic approach to treatment.  In nature, each human being is its own universe.   As nature changes, our human physiology has been changing as well.  For this reason, we do not merely treat visible symptoms or surface-level problems.  Rather, we pay attention to identifying and treating the underlying source of the symptoms as we care for our patients, and meet all their physical, mental, spiritual,  social, and care needs.

Life Giving Acupuncture & Herb has supported many different patients with various ailments. We are specialized in Pain Management, Bell’s Palsy, Mood Disorders, Auto-Immune Disease, Immune Disease, Cancer Pain Care, Digestive Disorders, Skin Problems, and Reproductive Disorders including infertility and natural pregnancy.

Our staff at Life Giving Acupuncture considers each patient individually in order to determine a personalized series of treatments best suited to each patient.  We are happy to assist and improve your well-being with our deep knowledge, hard-earned experience, heartfelt authenticity, and genuine love.


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